Signs of the end-time – Apostle General Abraham Obugyei

Signs of the end-time – Apostle General Abraham Obugyei

The nation’s preacher, general overseer of Universal Church of Jesus, Apostle General Abraham Obugyei has reviewed to the world that the end time is almost at hand as the signs which were proclaimed is almost fulfiled.

In this Audio, he talks about why Ghana has not been affected by the world’s deadly disease, Coronavirus which is killing a lot of people especially Chinese.

I won’t border you with many writings, listen to the audio below for more. You can also hit on the download button to get it downloaded to your phone or computer hard drive.

We’ve also added the scriptures/quotations used by the nation’s preacher, Apostle General Abraham Obugyei on this topic to serve as a reference for your studying without a hustle.

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Luke 12:54

Luke 21:11

Jeremiah 30:4

Lamentation 3:47

Zakaria 9:1

Psalm 66:7

Psalm 33:12 – 22

Deuteronomy 4:7

Exodus 23:25

Psalm 91:1 – 11

II Chronicles 6:28

James 5:16 – 18

Exodus 9:13

II Chronicles 7:14

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